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Menampilkan postingan dari Agustus, 2020

What It Is Like to Be A Mother

Disclaimer : I write this article to reflect on my recent journey to becoming a mother. I will share a bit more about my motherhood experience here. Therefore, I highly recommend if you think this will be boring, you can simply leave my blog (and thank you for your quick visit). For those of you who choose to stay and read until the end, I thank you very much. Hopefully, what I share below can give us some positive values. I also need to convey that every motherhood story is unique and can never be compared. There is no best or worst. All motherhood stories are beautiful. *** Prologue Become a mother. One thing that I never dreamed of in my childhood. A dozen years ago, I had no dreams of getting married and having children. I have traumatic marriage events because of my parent’s divorce. For some people who know a little bit more about my life story, they might know how my ups and downs heal trauma. How do I go through the healing process that has never been easy. Until a phase, God h